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Meet the current members of the lab.

Dr Jovana Serbanovic-Canic, Research Fellow


Jovana is a BHF Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellow investigating endothelial mechanoreceptors and how they regulate endothelial cell death in response to mechanical forces. She is using a range of different models and approaches to do this, including zebrafish, murine models and human cells.

Dr Blanca Tardajos Ayllon, Postdoctoral Research Associate


Blanca is a BHF-funded PostDoc working on the role of the TWIST1 gene in endothelial cell plasticity and atherosclerosis. Blanca recently completed her PhD in the lab, which focused on studying the role of the NFkB member C-Rel in shear stress mediated endothelial disfunction and atherosclerosis. 

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Dr Siyu Tian, Postdoctoral Research Associate


Siyu is an MRC-funded Postdoc working on the transcriptional control of atherosclerosis. Prior to taking up this post in the lab, Siyu completed her PhD at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam studying the PIEZO2 mechanosensor in pulmonary hypertension.

Dr Mannekomba Diagbouga, Postdoctoral Research Associate


Mannekomba is a BHF-funded PostDoc working on the role of the TWIST1 gene in endothelial cell plasticity and atherosclerosis. Prior to this Mannekomba was a PhD student in the laboratory of Professor Brenda Kwak in Geneva studying the influence of shear stress on intracranial aneurysms.

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Hazem Darwish, PhD Student


Hazem is a first year PhD student developing novel inhibitors against a pro-atherogenic transcription factor.

Ziqi Zhou, PhD Student


Ziqi is a third year PhD student studying the mechanisms linking shear stress to the progression of atherosclerotic plaques into dangerous forms that cause heart attack or stroke.

Priscila Hirschfeld, PhD Student


Priscila is a first year PhD student funded by the BHF to study the role of NF-kB transcription factors in lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis.

David Reid, PhD Student


David is a first year PhD student funded by the A*STAR Institute in Singapore to study the role of TWIST1 in stroke. 

Past Lab Members.

Post-docs and Research Assistants


Dr Sophie Irving

Dr Hannah Roddie

Dr Kajus Baidzajevas

Dr Xiuying Li

Dr Celine Souilhol

Lindsay Canham

Dr Hayley Duckles                                      

Dr Feng Shuang                                         

Dr Rosemary Kim                                       

Dr Hayley Duckles                                     

Dr Matthew Bryan                                     

Ms Britta Moers                                          

Dr Sarah Hsiao                                           

Dr Christina Warboys                                 

Dr Kim Van der Heiden                              

Dr Le Luong                                                

Jason Partridge                                         

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PhD Students

George Bowley

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Blanca Tardajos             

Giannis Xanthis 

Neil Bowden  

Marwa Mahmoud                            

Ismael Gauci                                    

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Bao Nguyen                                        

Hatam Naase                                   

Simon Cuhlmann                                  

Mustafa Zakkar                                    

Hera Chaudhury                                     

Karine Enesa              

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Ingvild Thorbjornsen, Tonje Folkvang, Gunhild Sandvik, Oeyvind Ruud, Chee Phua, Sneha Varkey, Mengshi Yuan, Lucy Esteve, Lisa Storck, Georgia McDonald, Wai-Mun Cheung, Shukti Biswas, Adil Hussain, Simrah Mohammad, Tien-Ying Tsai, Wei Xin, Azira Mohd Noor, Ruud Wichers Schreur, Abigail Pardoe, Neil Patel, Elena Wolodimeroff, Matthew Littler.

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